smartEn new members: GNE Finance and Meteo for Energy!

Thursday, February 1st, 2018

smartEn Smart Energy Europe gives a warm welcome to GNE Finance and Meteo for Energy as the latest members to join the association!

Please find below further information on them:

GNE Finance (Global New Energy Finance) is an Advisory and Investment Manager for Sustainable Infrastructure and Climate-Aligned Projects that brings the expertise, track-record and network to promote, structure, and finance clean energy projects. GNE Finance leading the development of EuroPACE financing platform.
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For more information on the EuroPACE project, please visit

Meteo for Energy gives accurate meteorological forecasts to renewable energy plants and power grid management systems. They use the most advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and optimization algorithms to make renewable energy generation predictable and profitable with the highest accurate meteorological forecasts. They offer simple to use tools looking for an optimum grid integration, storage system and operation and maintenance.
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