SEDC signs the Tallinn E-energy Declaration alongside Member States, companies and associations

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

On 19.09.2017, the SEDC together with Member States, companies and other associations signed the Tallinn E-energy Declaration.

The SEDC, together with the other signatories, welcomes the openness towards digitalisation of the energy sector and the changes, innovation and new business models this brings. The declaration contains many important statements for the progression to the future energy system. It:

  • Welcomes the efforts of the Energy Union to ensure secure, sustainable, competitive and affordable energy and the current work on the Clean Energy Package legislation to achieve these objectives
  • Recognises the vast potential of digital solutions in the energy sector and the need for better cooperation across all sectors for delivering on our common energy and environmental objectives
  • Underlines that digitalisation of the energy sector empowers consumers, facilitates the emergence of prosumers, demand side response solutions and the uptake of break-through technologies and benefits all market participants
  • Recognising that deploying digital solutions is most effective through sharing best practices and making use of various financing possibilities
  • Acknowledges the paramount role of increased energy efficiency, enhanced uptake of renewable energy, and active consumers in the energy market in the clean energy transition in Europe

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