SEDC launches rebranding to smartEn!

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

On 5th December 2017 the Smart Energy Demand Coalition SEDC announced its rebranding to smartEn, Smart Energy Europe, signalling a widening of its core focus. The smartEn General Assembly has today also elected a new Board, with Christiane Mann, SVP Strategy & Operations at Schneider Electric, as its Chairman.

“The SEDC has been a catalyst for the opening of European electricity markets to demand-side flexibility in Europe and the association’s growth in influence has been reflected in an increase in membership and scope. It is time to reflect this development in a renewed brand, smartEn,” said Christiane Mann, the newly elected smartEn Chairman. “As Chairman of the Board, I want to ensure that smartEn continues to be one step ahead of future policy and industry initiatives to realise its objectives for innovative, decentralised and flexible energy solutions across Europe,” continued Mann.

Her mandate follows the successful Chairmanship of Jessica Strömbäck, Chairman of Joule Assets Europe, who will continue to support the association as active Board member.

Speaking at today’s Smart Energy Symposium at the European Parliament, smartEn Executive Director Frauke Thies explained: “The energy transition requires an integrated perspective, focussing on the digitally enabled interaction of decentralised generation, storage and demand response. With our new brand we make visible how our members already provide these solutions in the market.  As smartEn we aim to break down the silos in the energy system, creating a truly new generation of association.”



About smartEn – Smart Energy Europe

smartEn is the European business association for digital and decentralised energy solutions. Our members include innovators in services and technology for energy and data management, finance and research. By taking an integrated perspective on the interaction of demand and supply, our mission is to promote system efficiency, encourage innovation and diversity, empower energy consumers and drive the decarbonisation of the energy sector.

smartEn’s vision:

The digitally enabled interaction of demand and supply is an integral part of an increasingly decentralised, decarbonised energy system.

smartEn’s mission:

  • Promote system efficiency through the advanced management and integration of electricity demand and supply in homes and buildings, transportation, businesses and decentralised energy projects.
  • Empower energy users by enabling them to participate in the energy market through flexible demand, storage, self-generation and the participation in community projects, and giving them control of their energy data.
  • Encourage innovation and diversity by enabling new market players and service offers that provide attractive choices for consumers and allow for healthy competition.
  • Drive the decarbonisation of the energy sector through the cost-effective integration of renewable sources and smart electrification of heating, cooling and transport.